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Saamis Rotary Club Invests in Rattlers Athletes

Thanks to an investment from the Saamis Rotary Club, the Medicine Hat College (MHC) Rattlers is improving its training for student athletes. The donation, made to the basketball program, allowed the team to purchase a basketball shooting machine, providing a way for players to continuously improve their coordination and shooting.

Second-year students and members of the Rattlers Women’s Basketball team, Abrielle Watson, Breanna O’Connor, and Brynn Bremner have been using the machine to improve their hand skills since its arrival in September 2023.

“For me, it helps mentally just getting those shots up fast and you can pick from any spot on the court you want to shoot from,” says Watson, who tends to practice before games. “It just helps me get my confidence in a game to shoot it quick instead of thinking about it.”

In addition to improving confidence on the court, the students agree that the equipment has helped to improve their game, allowing them to become stronger competitors against other teams in the Alberta College Athletic Conference (ACAC).

“Definitely compared to last year, I've actually been making more [shots] in a game and our percentages have been going up,” says Brenmer.

Given the tools to consistently practice and improve, the students add that they are grateful to Saamis Rotary Club and note the direct impact it has had on them during their time in the program.

The local service group values the opportunity to be involved, noting that “the Saamis Rotary Club is proud to support MHC and its students in their endeavors to excel athletically.”

Terry Ballard, manager of athletics and recreation at MHC, describes the shooting machine as an outstanding addition to the basketball program.

“It allows our basketball players to schedule the machine any time the gymnasium is available and lets them practice simulated game-like situations. The machine provides instant feedback and promotes confidence in our basketball student-athletes. Having the Saamis Rotary Club to step forward and help us with this project shows great community outreach and engagement, and we thank them very much for their support.”