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Art & Design graduates host final exhibition as MHC students

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In a story of endurance, adaptation, resilience and transformation, graduating Medicine Hat College (MHC) art and design students are hosting their final exhibition next month. The show, called Natural Selection, reflects the evolution of their class and those that have made it to this milestone in their education.

“We've redefined natural selection to reveal our naturally selected talents and artworks through visually striking and captivating displays. In this exhibition, each artist presents their unique interpretation of Natural Selection while also highlighting a cohesive collaborative theme,” explains art and design student, Grace Mastel.

Program instructor Ian Richmond is impressed by the students’ commitment to the show, noting that it requires an extensive amount of work beyond creating their individual art. In addition to deciding on the show’s identity and developing a style guide, they are also tasked with building a mobile-friendly website, managing finances, overseeing social media, engaging with the community, and planning the reception.
The smaller class size resulted in increased responsibility and a greater need for individual accountability to deliver the exhibition, adds Richmond.

“The team's dedication has required sacrifices and the courage to embrace unfamiliar challenges. Our motto, ‘species that collaborate, survive, species that are selfish, go extinct,’ serves as a poignant reminder of the high stakes involved in a smaller group and an ironic connection to the theme of Natural Selection. 

“I hope this experience enables students to recognize that the creative industries entail more than just producing creative work. It involves a significant focus on communication, teamwork, email correspondence, procurement, and strategic planning to achieve our goals within a limited timeframe.
Natural Selection will be on display from Apr. 6 – 19, 2024 in the One on One Gallery located at the Medicine Hat Cultural Centre. Graduates will host a reception in the gallery on Apr. 6, 2024 starting at 7 p.m. 

For more details about Natural Selection and the students behind the show, follow @gradshowmhc on Facebook and Instagram or visit www.naturalselection2024.com