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MHC students compete in national marketing competition

Four business students and instructor standing in front of Vanier College Case Challenge sign.

Creativity and collaboration are at the core of the Vanier College Case Challenge where Medicine Hat College (MHC) students had the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to the test earlier this month. 

Hosted by the Montreal-based institution from Mar. 8-10, 2024 this annual marketing-focused competition challenged teams from across the country to analyze a business problem, create a marketing plan and present their strategy to a panel of judges.

Thanks to support from local sponsors including Cancarb, EBT and Western Financial Group, Malakai Bartsch, Siya Gulati, and Lily Schaerer, were able to participate in this immersive event where they were tasked to solve a marketing problem for Aleppo Savon, a Calgary-based Syrian soap company. 

Starting with individual ideas and contrasting concepts, the MHC team worked hard to weigh the merits of each member’s vision to find a path forward in just three hours. They eventually took a brand ambassador approach for their presentation, proposing the use of minor hockey teams to connect with owner’s pride in being Canadian and skincare influencers to generate awareness of the products through their social networks.

For Schaerer, a business administration management major, the experience demonstrated the importance of thorough preparation and research.  

“With tight time constraints, it is essential each team member comes prepared and ready to contribute and think creatively. The highlight of the competition for me was being able to compete with two incredibly skilled and talented peers, strengthening our team dynamics, and working together to do so well in the competition.”

Miranda Davies, business administration instructor and faculty advisor for the event, praised the success of the MHC team.

“The Vanier College Case Challenge brings together 24 colleges from across the country, competing at the highest level. I am incredibly proud of our students for reaching the finals and placing second in our division. These results reflect their commitment to their education, their preparation for the event and their ability to deliver a quality presentation under pressure.”

Schaerer credits her education at MHC for preparing her for this experience, providing a strong foundation in marketing principles and problem-solving skills. 

“The coursework and group projects honed my strategic thinking and teamwork abilities, essential for the competition. My advice to future students would be to thoroughly understand the case, utilize teamwork effectively, develop clear strategies, stay calm under pressure, practice presentations and public speaking, and learn from both successes and failures.”

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Photo [left to right]: MHC student Jonathan Elec (not competing); case team members Siya Gulati, Lily Schaerer, and Malakai Bartsch, and business instructor Miranda Davies.