HCAP 145

Meeting Complex Care Needs

This course covers the more complex skills required for complete personal care such as range of motion, assistance with wound care, assistance with Naso-Gastric, Gastrostomy and tube feeds, assistance with urinary catheters and drainage systems. In addition, you will learn how to measure vital signs, height, and weight, assess vital signs, assistance with specimen collection, and assistance with respiratory care and oral suctioning, medication assistance. This course includes a high impact consolidation lab.

Graded on a CR (Pass)/NC (Fail) basis.

  • Prerequisites: HCAP 140, HCAP 141, HCAP 142, HCAP 143, HCAP 144
  • Corequisite: HCAP 146
  • Hours: 75 (3.43-7.29) 7 wks