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MHC drama students co-create with international theatre troupe

April 6, 2011

Medicine Hat College acting students will host two evenings of top-notch theatre next week. On April 6 and 7 the students will perform their original piece “I am... Megan,” followed by “The MENding Monologues.”

The College Players, in conjunction with the MHC Students’ Association, are sponsoring the return of “The MENding Monologues” to Medicine Hat. “I am.... Megan” begins at 7 P.M. with the “The MENding Monologues” directly following. Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the door. Advance tickets can be purchased by calling (403) 504-2297, and groups of 20 or more can obtain group rates by contacting Charlie Wilson at (403) 529-3892.

“The MENding Monologues” creates a “Theaterpeutic” experience for students.

Inspired by “The Vagina Monologues,” “The MENding Monologues” is a male-focused theatrical troupe dedicated to bringing awareness to gender and domestic violence issues in college-age communities. Using true first-person monologues, hard-hitting slam poetry and rousing sketch comedy, “The MENding” delivers a “theaterpeutic” experience that resonates with students today.

Perhaps more importantly, “The MENding” is doing something that few performance groups have ever attempted: channelling the authentic voices of men to create an open and robust dialogue on issues of gender violence. These powerful, and often funny, performances encourage men to take a deeper look at themselves and how gender violence has impacted the women they love.

 “There is a ripple effect to violence. We never talk about the collateral damage done to men when the women they know are hurt,” said Derek Dujardin, “The MENding’s” creator. “Since they can’t fix it or smash it, men often feel powerless or even apathetic.”

Fans of “The Vagina Monologues,” will not be disappointed with “The MENding Monologues.” One might think that a show based on personal stories about sex, violence and relationship issues could turn into something that was self-indulgent, heavy-handed, or downright depressing. Yet, Dujardin promises a balanced work—with an appropriate mix of dark, light and comedic pieces—that leave the audience feeling inspired and empowered.

The show was first performed in Sedona, Arizona five years ago, and has since toured colleges and communities around the United States to rave reviews. In 2010, Dujardin was one of only two male recipients to be honoured at 40th Anniversary of The Feminist Press in New York City. The script of the original show is now being produced in Perth, Australia and London, England.

“When people ask us, ‘What’s your show about?’ I have a hard time telling them,” said Bonnie Green, actor and producer of the show. “It’s about healing. It’s about laughter. It’s about finding the gift in the pain. Ultimately, it’s about seeing that the scars you carry actually make you more human—if you let them.”

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“The MENding Monologues”
and “I AM… Megan”
April 6 - 7, 7:00 P.M.
Advance tickets $5, $10 at door
Tickets: (403) 504-2297