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Sean Aiken: One Week Job

January 31, 2011

One Week Job and David Aplin Recruiting announce the Discover Your Passion Tour. Over 30 events are scheduled at college and university campuses across Canada from January – April 2011.  

In 2008, Sean Aiken created the One Week Job Project in which he worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks throughout North America in search of his passion.  

On his inspirational quest, Sean trekked more than 74,000 km, slept on 55 couches, raised over $20,000 for charity, and sampled a variety of careers along with their associated lifestyles: Baker, Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Advertising Executive, Hollywood Producer, Radio DJ, and more.  

The media covered the story extensively: The New York Times, The Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America, CNN, 20/20, Time, Wall Street Journal, Macleans, Globe & Mail, CBC Newsworld, CTV, Global National, and countless others around the world.  

Thousands began to follow the project looking for inspiration in their own lives. Sean realized he hadn’t started on his own journey. He’d started a movement.  

Now at the end of his journey, Sean is helping others find their passion. He created the One Week Job Program which allows others to sample different careers, and has organized the Discover Your Passion Tour in which he will visit over 30 campuses across Canada to share his inspiring story in an entertaining and interactive multimedia presentation.  

“The goal of the campus tour, much like the One Week Job movement, is to help young people discover what they’re passionate about,” said Sean. “So many young people are in the exact same situation that I was, struggling with the question, ‘What should I do with my life?’” he continued. “I know that sharing my story and what I learned can help ease that transition into the working world.”  

The Discover Your Passion Tour is being made possible by David Aplin Recruiting. “People who are passionate about their work always deliver more value and enjoy themselves along the way," said Jeff Aplin, Chief Operating Officer at David Aplin Recruiting. "Our team works hard to connect people with careers they are passionate about, and when I heard about this campus tour across Canada we wanted to get involved. Young people completing their education have more opportunity today than ever before, and with more options finding your path can be more challenging.”    

Thanks to Sean Aiken, who was at Medicine Hat College on February 9 to share his story.  

The Documentary Trailer: