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College students promote “Carrotmob”

March 22, 2012

Sustainable design students at Medicine Hat College have signed on to coordinate a Carrotmob next week as a way to turn classroom lessons into real-world experience.

A Carrotmob involves people buying many goods from a company in a short amount of time. The company then dedicates a portion of the funds raised during the Carrotmob to make socially responsible changes to the business. The Carrotmob movement began in 2008 and has since seen over 175 events in 20 countries.

The students in James Kuehn’s Computer Aided Drafting and Design course have found a way to integrate the Carrotmob movement with their classroom lessons. On Thursday, March 22, the students have arranged a Carrotmob at Madhatter Coffee Roastery in downtown Medicine Hat. Students and other Carrotmob members will be on hand from 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m., but coffee purchase profits from the entire day’s sales will be dedicated to environmentally friendly upgrades at the business.

“We’ve found a great way to encourage businesses to practice what we teach in the classroom,” Kuehn said. “We hope to drive coffee buyers to Madhatter on Thursday and show just how much impact an activity like this can make.”

For Kuehn and his students, the Carrotmob is about more than buying coffee on Thursday.

“We hope to raise positive awareness about sustainable design with this project,” he said. “And we also hope to show people that CADD is about more than just drafting. Our students also consider design principles and how today’s choices will affect the world.”

The students have turned to social media to help spread the word of the event, producing videos and using the hashtag #Carrotmob to spread awareness in the community. 

Madhatter’s Coffee Roastery is located at 513 – 3rd St. SE in Medicine Hat. Reusable mugs are encouraged.