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MHC students conduct recycling research

November 10, 2016

First year business students at Medicine Hat College are getting hands-on marketing research experience this week. Until November 14 they will be hitting the pavement around town and around the college to conduct in-person interviews for a final project on recycling habits.

Their course covers a general foundation on communications in the workplace and this project has students act as recycling advisors to either the City of Medicine Hat or Medicine Hat College. In either scenario, students work through the full marketing research process of initial research, survey development, data collection, analysis and recommendation reporting.

Course participants have collectively created a survey for each of the municipal and college sides of the project. The surveys will collect quantifiable data about recycling patterns and individual tendencies, while exposing the interviewers to the reality of conducting an interview, from question formatting, interview techniques, and general survey methodologies.

The students will conduct interviews with individuals in teams of two and the surveys are also open and available to complete online. Campus members and city residents are encouraged to work with students if they are approached to complete a survey. The online survey can be accessed here for the college focus, and here for the city focus.