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New nursing club helps students navigate program at MHC

March 6, 2018

Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing Club (UBNC)
(Image) Executive of the Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing Club pose for photo. Photo taken by Kirklin Penner

Creating a new club for a program held in such high regard seemed like an obvious decision for Cody Herrell, first year nursing student at Medicine hat College (MHC).

“Nursing is a popular program at the college. People come from all across the country to be in it, and it was surprising to me that there wasn’t a formal nursing club in place to help students get through - and navigate - their four years here.”

In the fall of 2017, Herrell helped to create the Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing Club (UBNC) which currently has 13 executives and over 80 members, including students from across all four years. 

“The existence of the club means that we can connect students from all years and create friendships and bonds that are going to last a lifetime. We are also trying to reduce stress by hosting fun events, providing financial assistance to the program and facilitating networking opportunities. The more people working towards a goal, the less work everyone has to do.”

The club will host events throughout the year that connect current students and alumni, fundraise for program enhancements, and also give back to the community.

Leana Forsyth, nursing instructor and faculty liaison for UNBC mentions that she is excited that some of her students are taking the initiative to create a club.

“These students are socially-minded, passionate and provided the drive to get the ball rolling in terms of establishing the club. To me it is invaluable to have a student-led group whose whole goal is to connect students and create opportunities for all four years to get to know each other.  This club is not only supporting the college, its students and alumni, but will also help the community – that’s a pretty powerful thing.”

Herrell mentions that there is no time expectation regarding involvement of its members.

“There is flexibility when becoming a member.  If you want to be involved, we welcome any and all assistance. If you choose not to be part of the club, or do anything, we also want you to know that the club is still here to support you.”

If you are interested in learning more about UNBC and how you can get involved, email