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Applications at Medicine Hat College increase for fall 2018

September 20, 2018

Applications to Medicine Hat College (MHC) have increased by approximately seven percent, due in part to higher international engagement locally and across Canada. 

“International applications at the college are up 30 percent over last fall. We have a wide range of quality programming here and a supportive environment, which can be attractive to students,” says Hadija Drummond, manager of international education and diversity. “Overall, Canada is seen as a desirable destination to study because of our high educational standards and reputation as a safe and welcoming country.”

Drummond adds that while international applications are up, actual international enrolment numbers are relatively unchanged due to limited seat availability.  Currently, her team is focused on recruiting for diversity, fit and program need, and have concentrated their efforts in countries like Vietnam, Brazil and Japan. 

Sandy Henderson, registrar at MHC mentions that overall enrolment at the college has remained consistent at just under 2,500 students, with several traditional programs reaching full capacity.

“Programs like nursing, paramedic and our dual diploma in social work and addictions counselling are all at full capacity,” says Henderson. “These career fields are popular, the job outlook is good and there are strong practicum and clinical programs in place.”

He explains that college-wide programs are looking at ways to attract and retain students by creating flexible learning environments, integrating new technologies and partnering with other post-secondary institutions.

“The simulation equipment in our health area, new dual credit programming and our distance learning options are just some of the ways MHC is continuing to enhance our students’ education and offer flexible course delivery. Our Brooks campus in particular has seen success with the introduction of the health care aide and social work programs.”

The registrar adds that although the numbers remain consistent he is also proud of the efforts put towards retaining current students.

“Although it is important to attract new students, it is also crucial that we retain them and provide the necessary supports to ensure they graduate, or in some cases, move on with their education. Our student development team offers a number of services, from advising and counselling to academic coaching and writing, which support their success.”

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