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Business students deliver on dreams

November 20, 2019

Business students deliver on dreams Students at Medicine Hat College (MHC) are utilizing their entrepreneurial skills to help make dreams a reality for their classmates. The idea was presented as a pilot project to the Business Ambassador Students (BAS) group as a way of finding innovative ways to help make students' lives a little easier.

"Everyone is very excited about the project," says Melissa Halldorson, a third year business administration student, Enactus member, and community outreach executive for BAS. "College can be hard. We hope our Building Dreams project will help students feel less stress and create a sense of community within the program."

BAS delivered on the first dream at their monthly meeting earlier this week, where they presented a parking pass to business student, Jordin Beck, for the upcoming school year.

"I believe this initiative is awesome. It can help students who are struggling with school or just bring them some type of joy or relief,” says Beck, who will be able to cover future tuition increases next year with the money saved on parking.

If successful within their group, BAS hopes to grow the concept across the business program and maybe into the community.

"People are here to help make the college experience the best it can be. It's the little things that can make a big impact. Some dreams will be simple to fulfill, others will require support. We hope we can work together with the college and the community to make these dreams happen."

The next dream fulfillment will occur in early December, when the winner will enjoy some puppy time to help relieve exam stress.