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Annual drive to ensure all Bleed with Dignity

November 1, 2021

Third year Art and Design students at Medicine Hat College (MHC), led by Ian Richmond, are once again teaming up with second year Business students, led by Tara Williams, in a quest to end period poverty in Medicine Hat and area.

Last year’s campaign helped to raise the food equivalent of 14,180 lbs. of menstruation products, supporting those in need for the last 12 months.

Products are distributed through the Root Cellar Food and Wellness Hub, formerly known as the Medicine Hat and District Food Bank, to over 80 local families visiting the hub three days a week, but also to all schools in the area through the Root Cellar’s Brown Bag Lunch program.

It is now time to restock the supply.

This year’s Bleed with Dignity’ campaign will run November 2 – 17 and students are asking for donations of menstruation products and cash to the Root Cellar.

Tara Williams, business administration instructor at MHC, says, “In my opinion, students today have a greater sense of community than a lot of us grew up with. They understand the issues and are eager to make a significant, concrete difference. To me, the whole emotion behind ‘Bleed with Dignity’ says it all.

“Menstruation products are a necessity and everyone deserves access to the appropriate products for themselves and to provide to their families. Community support in a targeted drive to provide products to the Root Cellar for distribution meets this need.”

In a classroom discussion, students further explain the drive behind the campaign.

“The period poverty initiative ‘Bleed with Dignity’ demonstrates how crucial the issue is for the community. The natural approach for many is to avoid the subject completely, whereas we want to bring the message to the forefront so that people talk and take action by donating.

“At the college, there are menstruation products available in all women’s bathrooms and this is a huge relief to us as students. Everyone in the community should have the ability to experience this feeling of ‘relief’ and although this is an issue that needs to be focused on year round, we take great pride in contributing when and where we can!

Donations can be made on campus at the Students’ Association and Student Services, off campus at Mr. Lube on Kingsway, or online by sending an e-transfer to When donating via e-transfer, be sure to indicate that your donation is for Bleed with Dignity along with your name and address in the notes to receive a charitable receipt.