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School of Arts, Science & Education

Art and Design

From studio arts and digital media to advertising design and corporate identity development, art and design professionals create and organize the information we see every day. As an art and design student at MHC, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life in a state-of-the art facility, surrounded by bright and modern studio and work spaces.   

Blending fine art and design with the most recent advances in technology, this program covers virtual space, digital media and interactivity, in addition to two-dimensional, static, and print-based design. You’ll explore the entire creative and technical process, from concept through production, and have opportunities to showcase your work in the One on One Gallery.

Our applied degree offers a work term component, which consists of two 3-month paid work placements. These placements help you apply the skills learned in class and build a resume that attracts the attention of potential employers. 

High School

  • ELA 30-1 or ELA 30-2
  • or C or better in MHC English 30
  • or placement in post-secondary (diploma or university transfer) English as determined by the MHC Academic Assessment Test 
First Year

Academic Term I
Fall Semester

  • ARDR 241 - Drawing I
  • ARFN 211 - Digital Fundamentals
  • ARFN 231 - 2D Fundamentals I
One of:
  • ARHI 201 - World Art Before 1300 CE
  • ARHI 204 - Introduction to Canadian Art
One of:
  • ENGL 123 - Fundamentals of Writing and Speech
  • Junior English

Academic Term II
Winter Semester

  • ARDE 213 - Typography I
  • ARDR 243 - Drawing II
  • ARFN 233 - 3D Fundamentals
One of:
  • ARHI 203 - World Art Since 1300 CE
  • ARHI 317 - Modern Art
One of:
  • ENGL 125 - Introductory Report Writing and Speech
  • Junior English

Second Year

Academic Term III
Fall Semester

  • ARDE 327 - Print Production
  • ARDE 331 - Graphic Design I
  • ARDE 394 - Portfolio and Work Term Preparation
  • ARHI 309 - Design History
  • Art Studio Elective
  • Art Studio Elective

Academic Term IV
Winter Semester

  • ARDE 333 - Graphic Design II
  • ARHI 300 - Methods in Art History
  • Art Studio Elective
  • Art Studio Elective
  • Art Studio Elective

Academic Term V
Spring/Summer Semester

  • ARDE 395 - Applied Art and Design - Work Term I

Third Year

Academic Term VI
Fall Semester

  • ARDE 396 - Applied Art and Design I
  • Art Studio Elective
  • Art Studio Elective
  • Art Studio Elective
One of:
  • MGMT 270 - Entrepreneurship
  • MKTG 171 - Marketing
  • MKTG 355 - Creating Brand Intelligence
*University of Lethbridge Dual Admission Students must take an Approved Elective. Please consult an Academic Advisor for a list of approved classes.

Academic Term VII
Winter Semester

  • ARDE 496 - Applied Art and Design II
  • ARDE 498 - Special Projects and Exhibition I
  • ARDE 499 - Special Projects and Exhibition II
  • Art Studio Elective
  • Art Studio Elective

Academic Term VIII
Spring/Summer Semester - Applied Degree Route

  • ARDE 495 - Applied Art and Design - Work Term II


Art and Design graduates have excellent success in securing employment, both in a freelance or self-employment capacity, and as employees within existing firms and industries. 

Employment opportunities are available in a variety of workplace locations, including:

  • print shops,
  • design studios,
  • publishing houses,
  • film studios,
  • televisions stations,
  • theatres,
  • museums and
  • art galleries, and
  • other places involved in visual and digital production.

Many Art and Design graduates have gone on to start their own graphic design, photography, and video production businesses.                     

The BAA (AD) program requires the completion of two, 3 to 4 month Work Terms (ARVC 395 and ARVC 495).  These Work Terms can only be completed after Academic Term IV and at lease one of the two Work Terms must be completed prior to the last academic semester (Academic Term VI).  These requirements may be adjusted in exceptional circumstances, with the permission of the Dean. 

The two applied degree Work Term courses are paid work semesters designed to extend the learning process into the work environment.  Medicine Hat College will make every effort to place students; however, work opportunities may fluctuate with a changing labour market.  Moreover, you should be aware that work placement opportunities in Medicine Hat are limited, and that you may have to relocate to complete your work term  semesters (work terms can be completed anywhere in Canada or even abroad).  You should be prepared to cover your expenses for placement and should also be prepared to receive trainee or entry-level compensation at your place of employment.

You register for two Work Term semesters in addition to your academic requirements.  Each Work Term is equivalent to 15 credits.