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Makerspace MHC opens its doors to the community

March 10, 2016

Medicine Hat College (MHC) recently launched Makerspace MHC, a space designated in the Vera Bracken Library for the community to come on campus and explore technologies like the die cutter, 3D printer software, and various design programs on computer systems. The space is also outfitted with a poster-making area.  

“Last year the Makerspace was more like an experiment. We hosted presentations on various topics to see how people would react to a space like this, and what they would be looking for,” says Shawna Murphy, outreach librarian. “This year we’ve provided some technology and set aside a dedicated space that people can use to create and explore.”

Throughout March, sessions will be hosted on Thursdays at 12 p.m., including: Die Cutting: The Basics, Adventures in 3D Scanning, and Microcontrollers.

“Anyone is welcome to attend the presentations or use the space, you don’t have to be a student and you don’t need a library card,” says Murphy.

Chuck Payne, director of library and information technology services, explains that the college is always exploring ways to welcome the community on campus.

“A makerspace is another way for students and community to access MHC and be part of the innovative things that are going on here. We want- to provide space and equipment that encourages our students and the wider community to explore their creative side,” says Payne. 

According to Murphy, Makerspace MHC will continue to evolve in the future.

“The Makerspace will continue to grow in terms of the software and technology that is available, as different themes are identified and people get into the space and start using it,” says Murphy. “We started with a soft launch so that we can continue to get everything ready and plan to do an official celebration in September. In the meantime, we really just encourage people to come on campus, try it out and give us their feedback.”

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