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Pre-Employment Plumbing

This program is designed to help you become more marketable when seeking employment in the plumbing trade. You will gain the entry-level skills needed to give you a better chance of getting hired and becoming indentured as an apprentice. If you are looking for a career as a plumber but have not been able to secure employment and begin the apprenticeship process, this program is an ideal choice.

The Pre-Employment Common Pipe Trades program covers the same material as our traditional apprenticeship program, but students do not have to be employed/indentured to be accepted to this training. Students who successfully complete and pass the program will have skills equivalent to a first year trades apprentice and will be eligible to write the Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training First Period Theory Exam for the Plumbing, Steamfitter, Gasfitter, Sprinkler fitter trade.

In addition to the course content offered in the first year plumbing apprenticeship program, our pre-employment program includes many additional hours of hands-on practice and safety training. Although you may start the program with very little or no experience in the plumbing trade, you are given multiple opportunities to gain experience and a competitive edge in the workforce.

Upon successful completion of the pre-employment program, you will receive a Medicine Hat College Certificate of Completion, improving your job prospects significantly. You will be eligible to challenge the Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training First Year Period Apprenticeship Exam (Practical and Theory). You will also have the skills and knowledge that employers are looking for and have a greater chance of being indentured as an apprentice. Our staff and instructors have many contacts in the trades and during the program, industry representatives and potential employers will be encouraged to meet with and get to know our students.

For more information about Apprenticeship or the First Period Theory Exam, please contact Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education, Apprenticeship and Industry Training directly at (403) 525-3100, or visit

For more information on this program, contact 403.502.8975.

The recommended prerequisites are:

  • English 20-2
  • Math 20-3
  • Science 10
  • GED - passing grade on all five GED tests
    (or equivalents) 

If you do not have these prerequisites, you may still be eligible to register by successfully completing an Apprenticeship Entrance Exam for the trade.

Want to check your prerequisites prior to applying? Please contact Erin Ferris at

Tuition fees for the program total $5,200. There is a $250 non-refundable deposit (which is applied toward tuition fees if you attend).

Additional Fees: Approximately $250 for books and materials.

First Year Period Challenge exam fee is $150 (Theory) payable to Apprenticeship Industry and Training.

Required Supplies
Books and materials  - $250 (price subject to change)