Academic Coaching

Who is academic coaching for?

Academic coaching is a free student support service offered to all MHC students. Coaching techniques are effective for a wide range of individuals, such as

  • First year students who are transitioning from high school to college
  • Student-athletes striving to balance school and sports
  • Students who struggle academically
  • Students diagnosed with learning disabilities
  • Mature students who may be navigating their return to a learning environment
  • High achieving students with extraordinary goals

Foundation for Learning

Foundation for Learning is a model that features the components and tools required for student success. For true learning to take place, a strong foundation is required and includes:
College Readiness

There are many factors that enable college readiness. The core components of college readiness are:

  • Study skills and abilities
  • Background factors & life experience
  • Student self-concept
  • Self-advocacy
  • Awareness of college culture

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Early Alert

Early alert is a 3-step strategy for student success. Early alert steps include:

  • RECOGNIZING challenges immediately when they occur
  • SEEKING SOLUTIONS to the challenges
  • IMPLEMENTING Change to overcome the challenges
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Time Management

Develop or enhance your time management skills and learn to:

  • Stay organized
  • Reduce stress
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Allow for time away from studies
  • Create balance and control
  • Achieve goals
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Text Book Reading

Develop or enhance your text book reading skills and learn to:

  • Identify key information
  • Maintain concentration
  • Implement active reading strategies
  • Improve comprehension
  • Use the "Bullet Point Reading" method
  • Take effective notes
  • Active reading (SQ4R)

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Writing Strategies

Writing support is available with the writing specialist and library staff. Get help with:

  • Improving the flow of your writing
  • Integrating quotes smoothly
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Self-editing
  • APA and MLA Styles
  • Citation and referencing

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Problem Solving

Develop or enhance your problem solving skills and learn to:

  • Identify concepts or main ideas
  • Follow steps to solve problems
  • Apply knowledge to a variety of problems
  • Explore techniques to solve problems
  • Reflect on your solutions

Test Preparation

Develop or enhance your test preparation skills and learn to:

  • Be resourceful and discover more about the test
  • Develop your own 5-day study plan
  • Organize study materials
  • Anticipate test questions
  • Use strategies for self-testing

Test Writing

Develop or enhance your test writing skills and learn strategies for:

  • Controlling test-anxiety
  • Multiple choice tests
  • Essay exams
  • Reading test instructions

Emotional and Physical Health

Emotionally and physically healthy students are better learners. On-campus services are available to promote health and wellness:

  • Student Counselling
  • Peer Support
  • Weight room and recreation facilities
  • Campus recreation
  • Walk-in Clinic

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Personal Strengths

There are many benefits to identifying your personal strengths. Some of the benefits are:

  • Useful for overcoming challenges
  • Working with the strengths of others for group work
  • Encourages development of leadership skills
  • Improves self confidence
  • Awareness of skills that need development

Learning Styles

There are many benefits to identifying your preferred learning style. Some of the benefits are:

  • Customized learning techniques
  • Overcome learning limitations
  • Expand learning and studying strategies
  • Increase self-confidence
  • More enjoyable learning
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Interaction with Instructors

Develop or enhance positive relationships with instructors and learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Connect on a regular basis
  • Become aware of expectations, rights and responsibilities
  • Problem solve with instructors
  • Use progress reports to monitor your academic development
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Education Planning

Develop or enhance your education planning process, which may include:

  • Connecting with your academic advisor for course and program planning
  • Connecting with the Career Centre to explore program fit and career options
  • Financial planning is a critical component of student success. Explore funding resources with Financial Aid.

Academic Boost - Tools for Success

In addition to the Foundation for Learning, there are many other academic strategies and skills you can develop.  Access the resources below to boost your academic skill set.

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Develop your personal and academic skill set with our student success drop-in sessions.


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